Student Drop Off

For Children 5 years and under, a parent or caregiver is required to stay in the center during class.

For students 6 years+, please bring the student up to the third floor classrooms and stay with your child until the class starts.  You are welcome to stay.

in our lounge area and use the wireless Internet service.  

Class start promptly so please come on time.  Late arrivals can be disruptive to the class.

Student Pick Up

For the safety of the child, he/she will remain in the school until picked up by a parent or guardian.  Please contact the school if special arrangements need to be made.

Early Pick Up

Please provide a note to the teacher should you plan on picking your child up early.  The teacher will arrange it so that your child will be ready to leave the appointed time. 


Complimentary parking is available to all ChinaFriends families in the lot.  Spots are on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Metered parking is available on the street.

School Conduct

ChinaFriends has set and will enforce the policies and procedures that will ensure the safety of all students and the protection and respect of students' personal property and school property.

·      Students are expected to treat all school personnel with respect and civility at all times.

·      Students are expected to speak quietly and walk in the school facility. 

·      No food or beverage is allowed in the classroom with the exception of what is provided by the school.

·      Defacement of school property will not be tolerated.

·      Students and their parents are responsible for any damage ofChinaFriends property and will be billed for any damage or loss of property.  In situations where repeat infractions or serious offenses are committed, parent(s) and the offender(s) will be notified immediately and suspension of the student(s) may result.

Serious offences include the following:

   Fighting or deliberately hurting another child or staff member

   Using obscene/profane language or gestures

   Harassing and/or bullying behaviors

  Stealing or willfully destroying school or other person's property

   Disrespecting a staff member or challenging authority

By signing the new student information sheet, you acknowledge and agree to adhere to the school conduct policies set forth.


Student Illness and Sick Days

In the event that your child is running a fever or vomiting, please refrain from bringing him or her to school until the symptoms have stopped, and the child's temperature has returned to normal for at least 24 hours.  Please contact the school by phone or e-mail to let the teacher know that your child will be absent.

Make Ups

5 make up sessions are allowed per semester and should be pre-arranged and confirmed via e-mail or phone by the teacher 24 hours prior to attending the make up to insure space availability in the class.  All make ups need to taken within the same term.


You are able to contact us by phone, e-mail and/or by leaving a written note at the school.  We aim to get back to you within 24 hours.  If you would like to speak to someone, please call during non-teaching hours 12:15pm -3:30 pm.

Financial Aid Policy

ChinaFriends offers financial aid on an individual basis and based on the family’s financial need and/or staff recommendation.  Please contact the Executive Director for more information.

Emergency Contact Info

In the new student registration form, please be sure to provide the emergency contact information and keep current.  These will be audited routinely to help insure information is correct.


Tuition needs to be submitted prior to attending the first class.  Many of the classes require textbook and other learning aids that the school will need to purchase in advance.

Two Installment Payment Plan

To participate in the two installment payment plan tuition must be paid by credit card.  The credit card number is kept on file until the second payment is due.  

Refunds/class change policy

A full refund, minus a $150 materials/administrative fee, will be given before the date of the first class.  75% of the tuition will be refunded on or after the first week of the first class and 50% after the second week.  No refunds will be given after the third week of classes.  Any refunds due will be mailed within 4 weeks.

Sibling and Multiple Class Enrollment Discounts

A $30 credit is applied for each additional sibling or additional class taken within one semester.  To redeem credit, enrollment needs to be submitted via mail, fax or walk-in.  On-line enrollment is not able to apply credits at this time.



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